InfoZen Acquired by ManTech

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Washington Technology. "ManTech closes $180M InfoZen deal"

"The acquisition adds 300 employees to ManTech, $100 million in revenue and an almost $350 million pipeline. Major customers include the Homeland Security Department and NASA."

Full Article: Washington Technology (10/3/2017) (Online Subscriber Content)

ManTech Investor Relations. "ManTech Completes the Acquisition of InfoZen"

"Accretive Acquisition Expands ManTech's Federal Civilian Presence and Enhances IT Modernization and Managed Cloud Services Capabilities."

Full Article: ManTech Investor Relations (10/2/2017)

Aviation Week. "ManTech Buys NASA IT Provider InfoZen"

"Federal information technology provider ManTech International said Sept. 18 it signed a definitive agreement to acquire Transportation Security Agency (TSA) and NASA cloud services provider InfoZen for $180 million in cash."

Full Article: Aviation Week (9/19/2017) (Online Subscriber Content)

Washington Business Journal. "ManTech International snaps up InfoZen in $180M perfect storm"

"ManTech International Corp. is acquiring InfoZen for $180 million in cash in a deal that brings together two government technology contractors with an eye on the IT modernization business."

Full Article: Washington Business Journal (9/19/2017)

ManTech Investor Relations. "ManTech to Acquire InfoZen"

"Acquisition Expands ManTech's Federal Civilian Presence and Enhances IT Modernization and Managed Cloud Services Capabilities."

Full Article: ManTech Investor Relations (9/18/2017)

Washington Post. "As Trump moves to remake government, IT contractors jockey for position"

"Technology services firm ManTech International moved Monday to extend its reach into the federal government, announcing a $180 million to buy Bethesda-based IT firm InfoZen."

Full Article: Washington Post – Capital Business (9/18/2017)

Computer Reseller News (CRN). "ManTech Makes DevOps Move With $180M Acquisition Of InfoZen"

"With its move to acquire InfoZen, national security-focused solution provider ManTech International aims to establish a strong DevOps practice and expand into the federal civilian market."

Full Article: Computer Reseller News (CRN) (9/18/2017)

Washington Technology. "ManTech makes $180M deal for InfoZen"

"ManTech International is buying InfoZen in a $180 million cash deal that adds civilian customers and more IT modernization capabilities."

Full Article: Washington Technology (9/18/2017)

Broadband Technology Report (BTR). "Eclipse Tests Streaming Video Capabilities"

"InfoZen, which describes itself as a DevOps cloud shop, was in charge of hosting the streaming as part of its Web Enterprise Service Technology contract with NASA."

Full Article: Broadband Technology Report (BTR) (8/25/2017)

PR Newswire. "Total Eclipse Off the Charts: Akamai and MobileRider Power NASA TV's Live Streaming Coverage of Solar Eclipse for Massive Global Audience"

"12.1 million unique viewers on watched NASA TV's live streaming coverage of the first total solar eclipse to cross the United States in nearly 100 years"

Full Article: PR Newswire (8/25/2017)

CSO. "InfoZen enables pre-deployment patching for DevOps coding"

"For this review, InfoZen was brought in to create a fully-end-to-end DevOps scanning solution using their InfoZen Cloud and DevOps Practice service. Even within our admittedly tiny test environment, the benefits of the InfoZen toolset and automatic processes were obvious."

Full Article: CSO (8/23/2017)

FedScoop. "NASA’s eclipse livestream drew more than 1M viewers at peak, Digital Analytic Program says"

"It wasn’t easy to prepare for the event, contractor InfoZen told FedScoop in an interview, because they didn’t know exactly how many people would want to tune in. According to InfoZen cloud program manager Sandeep Shilawat, that’s precisely what made the cloud such a valuable tool — it makes scaling capacity fairly easy at a fairly low cost."

Full Article: FedScoop (8/22/2017)

GCN. "NASA calls on cloud for eclipse live streaming"

Through NASA’s Web Enterprise Service Technology Contract, InfoZen is responsible for hosting streaming on NASA TV, which is hosted on the agency’s website.

Full Article: GCN (8/20/2017)

FedScoop. "NASA is leaning heavily on the cloud for a seamless solar eclipse livestream"

For the past year, a team at Bethesda, Md.-based InfoZen, a “transformational IT” company, has been working to ensure the stream can meet on-the-day demand.

Full Article: FedScoop (8/18/2017)

WJZ CBS Baltimore. "One Md. Company Is Streaming The Entire Solar Eclipse From Above The Clouds"

InfoZen has spent months getting ready to stream the event live, from the cloud, preparing for 50 times as many people than the number that streamed the Super Bowl. Alex DeMetrick of CBS Baltimore affilliate WJZ reports.

Full Article: WJZ CBS Baltimore (8/17/2017)

FCW. "Why this IT modernization push could actually work"

by Bajinder Paul, InfoZen's Vice President of Strategy and Solutions.

Full Article: FCW (7/06/2017)

Nextgov. "DevOps University Aims to Address Government's Agile Talent Dearth"

Bethesda, Maryland-based InfoZen’s newly announced $2 million addition to its corporate headquarters is a clear-cut sign that the company thinks agile is here to stay in government.

Full Article: Nextgov (6/28/2017)

ExecutiveBiz. "InfoZen Expands Maryland HQ to Support Agile Devt, DevOps Services Delivery"

The $2 million facility is part of the expansion of the company’s corporate headquarters in Bethesda and will house a new training space and at least 250 employees that specialize in agile development and DevOps.

Full Article: ExecutiveBiz (6/28/2017)

DevOps Digest. "InfoZen Opens Facility Focused on DevOps for Government "

The secure space is designed to support more than 250 DevOps and agile development specialists and features state-of-the-art conference rooms and a new training facility with extensive video conferencing capabilities for multi-location customer and employee collaboration.

Full Article: DevOps Digest (6/27/2017)

Business Wire. "InfoZen Opens $2 Million Facility Dedicated to Government DevOps Excellence"

“We are committed to building and growing DevOps talent both within our company and within federal agencies to help government adopt next-generation IT,” said Raj Ananthanpillai, chief executive officer, InfoZen. “This will have a dramatic impact on improving citizen services while creating efficiencies and reducing costs.”

Full Article: Business Wire (6/27/2017)

Federal News Radio. "USCIS CIO Schwartz to leave government"

Raj Ananthanpillai, the chairman and CEO of InfoZen, said Schwartz was a visionary leader and doer.

"As a result of his successes, other agencies are now adopting his strategy to quickly and efficiently modernize their mission IT applications,” he said. “He has set the standard for true agile environments and will be missed."

Full Article: Federal News Radio (6/09/2017)

GCN. "NASA launches searchable multimedia database"

Working with InfoZen, the space agency was able to make available 140,000 downloadable images, video and audio files through the searchable site.

Full Article: GCN (5/24/2017)

Washington Business Journal. "People on the Move"

InfoZen has hired Bajinder Paul, former Federal Reserve System associate director, as its vice president for strategy and solutions for its expanding federal business.

Full Article: Washington Business Journal (5/02/2017)

Washington Technology. "InfoZen picks Bajinder Paul for strategy position"

InfoZen has hired long-time government tech executive Bajinder Paul as its new vice president for strategy and solutions.

Full Article: Washington Technology (5/01/2017)

Washington Exec. "InfoZen Gives NASA Media Collection New Life"

“We are extremely pleased to be able to deliver this innovative elastic and cost-effective solution for NASA and its worldwide community, by using on-demand cloud capabilities,” said Raj Ananthanpillai, InfoZen’s chairman, CEO and president.

Full Article: Washington Exec (4/20/2017)

Nextgov. "The Secret Ingredients NASA Used to Build Its Huge Photo Library"

NASA had help from contractor InfoZen, which has aided the space agency in migrating more than 200 websites and applications to the cloud in recent years through its Web Enterprise Service Technology contract.

Full Article: Nextgov (4/19/2017)

Ars Technica. "Finally, NASA has its universe of images in one happy, searchable place"

“One aspect that enabled this project was that it was completely cloud-based and NASA did not need to make any hardware investment,” InfoZen chief executive Raj Ananthanpillai told Ars. "The NASA library is implemented as immutable Infrastructure as Code in a cloud native architecture using AWS services. This makes for an extremely responsive user experience for the public as images and assets are propagated around the world."

Full Article: Ars Technica (4/17/2017)

Federal Times. "Searchable NASA library consolidates out-of-this-world, high-resolution imagery"

The launch of the NASA Image and Video Library sees over 60 collections (totaling more than 140,000 new and archival files) available from a single location through keyword and metadata searches.

Full Article: Federal Times (3/30/2017)

Government Security News. "InfoZen wins $200M contract to help modernize USCIS"

“We are delighted to have been selected as the prime contractor on the SPEDI contract as we are laser-focused on the agency’s goal to transform IT systems delivery through our DevOps experience, agility and commitment to the customer mission,” said Raj Ananthanpillai, InfoZen’s chairman and CEO.

Full Article: Government Security News (12/12/2016)

FedScoop. "People, not dollars, are the barriers to cloud migration, experts say"

FedScoop talked to more than five companies about what they think are the major roadblocks on the path to government cloud migration. Here's what they said.

Full Article: FedScoop (12/08/2016)

FedScoop. "Inside what made one NASA office undertake a massive data architecture overhaul"

An 'almost catastrophic' accident forced a NASA office to create a data integration platform so the operations team could search across datasets as quickly as possible. InfoZen provided the solution.

Full Article: FedScoop (12/05/2016)

Market Connections. "Winning Contractor: InfoZen Wins $208M DHS Contract"

Under the Support Platform Engineering and DevOps Integration (SPEDI) contract, InfoZen will help the office provide information technology expertise, strategic vision and tactical implementation.

Full Article: Market Connections Blog (11/17/2016)

Federal News Radio. "DevOps & identity management"

Raj Ananthanpillai, chairman, CEO and president, and Susan Sparks, director of Solutions Engineering for InfoZen, interviewed by Federal News Radio host John Gilroy.

Streaming Audio: Federal News Radio (10/24/2016)

Washington Technology. "Agility the Difference Maker in InfoZen's 208M USCIS win"

Full Article: Washington Technology (09/28/2016) (Online Subscriber Content)

Homeland Security Today. "InfoZen Wins $200M Contract to Support Modernization of USCIS"

"The Support Platform Engineering and DevOps Integration (SPEDI) aims to increase efficiency and security through innovatively applying agile, DevOps and cloud; to produce higher quality services and products at a lower cost.”

Full Article: Homeland Security Today (09/22/2016)

Nearshore Americas. "InfoZen Wins Software Development Contract From Homeland Security"

"The contract, worth about $208 million, is designed to create IT products and services at lower cost, in addition to moving the department’s application process from the current waterfall method to agile.”

Full Article: Nearshore Americas (09/21/2016)

WashingtonExec. "InfoZen Wins $200M Contract with DHS"

"We are delighted to have been selected as the prime contractor on the SPEDI contract as we are laser-focused on the agency’s goal to transform IT systems delivery through our DevOps experience, agility and commitment to the customer mission,” said Raj Ananthanpillai, InfoZen’s chairman and CEO.”

Full Article: WashingtonExec (09/21/2016)

Washington Technology. "InfoZen captures $200M DHS contract"

"InfoZen has won a $208 million contract to support the Citizen and Immigration Services’ Office of Information Technology and it took on the one of the market's biggest companies to do it.”

Full Article: Washington Technology (09/20/2016)

GovCon Wire. "InfoZen to Support DHS’ DevOps Integration Program Under $208M Deal; Raj Ananthanpillai Comments"

"Bethesda, Maryland-based information technology services provider InfoZen has secured a potential $208 million contract from the Department of Homeland Security to help DHS carry out its Support Platform Engineering and DevOps Integration program.”

Full Article: GovCon Wire (09/20/2016)

infotechlead. "InfoZen bags $200 mn IT deal from US Homeland Security"

"Under SPEDI, InfoZen will deliver enterprise Infrastructure Engineering, Operations and Maintenance, and Security Assessment services for all systems and applications in support of the agency’s mission.”

Full Article: infotechlead (09/19/2016)

Wall Street Journal. "The Morning Risk Report: Defense Contractors Face New Insider Threat Rule"

"Federal contractors that require U.S. government security clearances for their employees face new insider threat monitoring rules that will require them to keep track of their workers and what they are doing outside of the job.

Full Article: Wall Street Journal, Risk & Compliance Journal (09/01/2016) (Online Subscriber Content)

Washington Technology. "SAIC fights for lost DHS contract"

Full Article: Washington Technology (August 2016) (Online Subscriber Content) "3 Ways to Develop the Perfect DevOps Culture"

by Raj Ananthanpillai, January 15, 2016

"Many companies are moving in the right direction to implement DevOps successfully, but critical barriers still remain in developing the perfect culture. Here are three ways you can make the vision of DevOps a reality.”

Full Article: (01/15/2016)

Computer Technology Review (CTR). "How to Reduce Insider Threats with Continuous Risk Monitoring"

by Raj Ananthanpillai, January 5, 2016

"Insider threats post the greatest risk to companies because of the access employees and contractors have to sensitive information. Even more troubling, a Ponemon Institute study found that 88 percent of IT professionals believe this risk will increase or remain steady over time.”

Full Article: Computer Technology Review (CTR) (01/05/2016)

National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) Journal. "The Future of Screening: Continous, Post-Hire Monitoring"

by Raj Ananthanpillai, September-October, 2015

"It's time for a shift to continuous, post-hire risk monitoring that perpetually evaluates changes in risk from a variety of data sources, and proactively alerts organizations to red flags. By helping companies spot potential threats before they escalate, organizations can reduce their risk of fraud, workplace violence, negligent retention lawsuits, and more.”

Full Article: NAPBS Journal, September-October 2015 issue (click through to article on page 11)

Wall Street Journal, Risk & Compliance Journal. "Employers Turn to Surveillance to Curb Employee Risk"

"Using a software program called IDentrix, [Dan Krantz, the chief executive at Real-Time Technology Group, a financial services employee monitoring firm] can continuously check  public records for everything from DUIs to bankruptcies, and alert officials when something happens to an employee that creates a potential risk. “If you go out and get a ticket for jaywalking, we don’t care. We care if you’re a felon,” he said. “If you’re working in financial markets we may want to know about liens, judgments, civil actions that could indicate someone is in financial trouble and more likely to do something wrong.”

By monitoring public records across the country, he’s alerted when a worker is arrested or convicted for an offense that would trigger concern for the employer, saving time and money by not having to conduct screens on workers who have no change in their status. “We re-screen only those who indicate to us through alerts that we need to look deeper,” he said. “The alerts find needles in haystacks for us.”

Full Article: Wall Street Journal, Risk & Compliance Journal (9/29/2015) (Online Subscriber Content)

Government Computer News (GCN), "Trust no one: A better way to close the security gap?"

Full Article: Government Computer News (GCN) (08/19/2015)

Federal Computer Week, "3 keys to building a federal DevOps culture"

by Raj Ananthanpillai, August 15, 2015

Full Article: Federal Computer Week (08/15/2015)

Executive Biz Blog, "InfoZen Kicks Off Agile Development Education Initiative; Jeff Highman Comments"

Full Article: Executive Biz Blog (08/11/2015)

Nextgov, "A Rebooted Approach to DevOps Training"

Full Article: Nextgov (08/14/2015)

CMSWire, "News You Can Use: Encouraging Diversity, Growing DevOps"

Full Article: CMSWire (08/14/2015)

Government Computer News (GCN), "The Fight Against Health Care Fraud"

Full Article: GCN (July 2015 Issue)

Federal Computer Week, "Pictures from the stars, powered by cloud"

Full Article: Federal Computer Week (07/23/2015)

Risk Management Monitor, "Insider Threats and the Limitations of Pre-Hire Background Checks"

by Raj Ananthanpillai, July 23, 2015

Full Article: Risk Management Monitor (07/23/2015)

STORES Magazine, National Retail Federation, "Reality Check"

"Raj Ananthanpillai, CEO of software company InfoZen, says while 85 percent of employers check backgrounds before hiring, most do little, if anything, after the person is hired — leaving a “black hole” of potential issues that can arise later. He says traditional one-time background screening methods aren’t adequate to meet the insider threat environment that many retailers face today."

Full Article: National Retail Federation, STORES Magazine (July 2015 Issue)

Enterprise Tech, "Slam the Door Against Insider Threats"

Full Article: Enterprise Tech (6/18/2015)

Third Certainty, "Gaining insight on insiders can insulate information"

Full Article: Third Certainty (6/1/2015)

Homeland Security Today, "InfoZen Tackles Insider Threat with IDentrix Continuous, Post-Hire Personnel Screening"

Full Article: Homeland Security Today (5/28/2015)

CivSource Online, "IDentrix Makes Continuous Background Monitoring Available for Public Sector"

Full Article: CivSource Online (5/27/2015)

Healthcare Business Today, "Is Your Healthcare Data Protected from Internal Threats?"

Full Article: Healthcare Business Today (5/20/2015)

peerlyst, "Beyond the Back Ground Check - IDentrix Offers a Path to Detect the Snowden in your Enterprise"

Full Article: peerlyst (5/11/2015)

Federal Computer Week, "Cloud Brokers, the sequel"

Full Article: Federal Computer Week (5/11/2015)

Network World, "New Products of the Week 05.04.15"

Full Article: Network World (5/04/2015)

Tech Times, "NASA Has Rebuilt Its Website From The Ground Up, And It's Awesome"

Full Article: Tech Times (4/19/2015)

Intelligent Aerospace, "InfoZen to support mission-critical TSA programs under homeland security contract"

Full Article: Intelligent Aerospace (4/2/2015)

GovCon Wire, "InfoZen to Help DHS Operate, Maintain Transportation Vetting Programs; Raj Ananthanpillai Comments"

Full Article: GovCon Wire (4/1/2015)

Washington Technology, "InfoZen wins $212M contract to support TSA vetting programs"

Full Article: Washington Technology (3/31/2015)

Federal Times, "NASA a 'flagship' example of public cloud"

Full Article: Federal Times (3/16/2015)

Federal News Radio, "GSA's agile RFI beginning of 'systemic change' in IT acquisition"

Full Article: Federal News Radio (1/9/2015)

Wall Street Journal, Risk & Compliance Journal. "The Morning Risk Report: Morgan Stanley Data Theft Shows Wisdom of Tracking"

Full Article: Wall Street Journal, Morning Risk Report (1/7/2015) (Online Subscriber Content)

HSToday, "Preventing Insider Threats? Background Checks Are Just The Beginning"

Full Article: Homeland Security Today (12/29/2014)

FedScoop, "Patent office CIO aims for culture change amid systems updates"

Full Article: FedScoop (12/15/2014)

Washington Technology, "What the InfoZen-Vencore protest fight says about today's market"

Full Article: Washington Technology (12/15/2014)

InformationWeek, "Bringing DevOps To The Federal Government"

Full Article: Information Week (11/06/2014)

Forbes, "6 Technology Articles You Must Read Today -- A Look at Analytics, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Clustering, Manufacturing & Innovation"

Full Article: Forbes (10/10/2014)

ComputerWorld, "NASA launches massive cloud migration"

Full Article: Computer World (08/28/2014)

NextGov, "When NASA moves its websites to the cloud, everyone watches"

Full Article: NextGov (08/25/2014)

Government Computer News, "NASA sails to the cloud with AWS, open source, migration"

Full Article: Government Computer News (08/22/2014)

Washington Technology, "InfoZen completes first phase of NASA website migration to cloud"

Full Article: Washington Technology (08/20/2014)